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Purchase Notes

The terms contained in this article apply to your purchase of our products on this website. Before you submit an order, we ask you to read these terms and conditions. Please note that purchasing products through this website means that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to these terms and conditions. Any product purchased from this website is bound by these terms and conditions.

1、About shopping delivery
  1. In principle, customers can purchase products directly when shopping, without registering as a user.
  2. Delivery time: direct delivery by the manufacturer, the specific time depends on the manufacturer;
  3. Distribution area: all of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, outlying islands, Tung Chung remote areas that cannot be reached by car or without elevators, additional fees will be charged as appropriate).
  4. Delivery method: post by the manufacturer or door-to-door (customers with installation requirements can package and deliver to the door).
  5. On-site service If you encounter a teacher who is late or fails to make an appointment without explaining any circumstances, you can contact our staff to help you solve the problem.
  6. Before purchasing a physical product, please read the product purchase instructions, understand the product specifications, model, and directly consult the customer service or telephone before confirming the purchase.
  7. When your order is successfully accepted, it will be bound by the terms and conditions of this article; to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, you will not be allowed to cancel or change the order and return or exchange in any form.
  8. After ordering the goods online, you can check the delivery date with the customer service (the specific time is still determined by the manufacturer). If you cannot receive the goods on the day of delivery, you need to reschedule the delivery, resulting in additional shipping costs, All are borne by you.
  9. If you need to change the delivery address or date, you need to communicate during working hours within 48 hours (excluding public holidays) before delivery.
  10. Our company will not be responsible for any delay or failure to complete delivery due to accidents, traffic conditions, weather conditions or other reasons beyond our control. Please communicate with the manufacturer.
2.Payment Method
  1. Payment method: Bank Transfer
  2. (Account name A1 Workman Ltd; HSBC Bank: 143-825354-838)
  3. Our company does not accept installment payments.
  4. Settlement is calculated in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).
3.Genuine Guarantee

       The products sold by our company are all original products, you can buy them with confidence.

4.About packaging

     All physical products are original factory packaging.

5.Description of out of stock

     We do not guarantee that the products will be available for sale at any time. If we fail to fulfill any order (or part of it) for any reason, we have the right to cancel the entire order (or part of it) and refund the payment (or part of it) you have paid to us.

      If we exercise this right to cancel the order, we shall not bear any responsibility to anyone. If there is any shortage on the order, we will notify you.

6.Matters needing attention
  1. After receiving the physical goods, if the packaging is damaged due to non-human factors, scratches, or incomplete packaging during transportation, please notify the manufacturer as soon as possible. At that time, the product will be identified and timely feedback.
  2. Our company will not be responsible for any breakdown, damage, wear, abrasion, scratches, dirt, incomplete packaging, or incomplete accessories due to human factors caused by improper use and disassembly of the physical goods.
  3. If you purchase a service category, follow the corresponding after-sales maintenance rules for the service.
  4. If there is any dispute, our company has the final right of interpretation.



一 關於購物運送













(賬戶名稱A1 Workman Ltd;匯豐銀行HSBC:143-825354-838)














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